5 Feb 2014

February 5, 2014

   Skier release Feb 3, 2014. Just when we thought there was no activity.    Jason Ammerlaan Photo

Hi Wayne,

I just spent the last four days in the Haberl hut with great ski-mountaineering conditions. Yesterday (Monday the 3rd) we observed one size 1 Sr. I have attached a couple of photos. This was at 1750 meters on a SW aspect, crown depth of approximately 35 cm. The slab was very stiff. I couldn't get my ski pole through the slab without a great amount of force. 

I thought this may interest you.

I am a big fan of your blog - keep up the good work on sharing info on the S coast!


    Thanks for the great intel Jason.
                                                                                                                           Jason Ammerlaan Photo

                                                                                                                          Jason Ammerlaan Photo

    Snow guns were making very dry snow yesterday am.

    Looking South West February 4, 2014. First light.

    Sunset January 4, 2014; same cloud layer as first thing in the morning.

    Window frost caused by -20 + Temps.

Weather Observations from February 5, 2014; taken at 06:00 Hrs.

2240 meters     -23, Winds were 20-50 KPH from the E
2180 meters     -24, Winds were 15-20 KPH from the NNE
1860 meters     -21, Winds were 5-20 KPH from the E
1835 meters     -23, Winds were 5-15 KPH from the S
1650 meters     -20, No new snow, Base 127 cm
1550 meters     -21, No new snow; Base 93 cm
  660 meters     -12, Valley Temp

The arctic outbreak will continue into Friday. Temperatures will slowly moderate with comfortable conditions Friday. The flow aloft turns more Westerly on Thursday with a slightly warmer air mass. The models are struggling with the transition back to a more normal winter weather pattern after the weekend. As of now it appears there will be a change as a westerly flow aloft brings a series of fronts towards our zone. Lets hope they track towards us and not head South and miss us. More on precip amounts tomorrow!

    Satellite image from yesterday at 4:00 Hrs.

    Very clear all the way up to Alaska, image from yesterday afternoon.

SIA Snow Show in Denver Colorado: Backcountry Experience

Southern Austria on highest avalanche alert, after heavy snow: 15 year record

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    DOT confident in Richardson Highway reopening today at 15:00 Hrs.: Valdez Alaska

    Even with sublimation there is still lots of snow falling to ground.

    Blasting into the sun.

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