9 Feb 2014

February 9, 2014

    Sunrise on February 8, 2014. Hopefully that will be the end of sunrise-sunset pictures.

    Thanks to Brad Sills for the photos, nice turns to be had in the Callaghan.
    Still some freshies hiding. February 6 Th on North aspect of Les Gendarmes. Snowpack on pocket       
    glacier measures 240 cm

    Hopefully next week all the trees will be snowy!!

    Clouds did move in through the afternoon.

    Sunset Saturday evening looking West.
    Looking North.

Weather observations for February 9, 2014; taken at 06:00 Hrs.

2240 meters     -15, Winds were 15-20 KPH from the SSW
2180 meters     -14, Winds were 20-30 KPH from the SSW
1860 meters     -12, Winds were 15-20 KPH from the ESE
1835 meters     -12, Winds were 10-20 KPH from the S
1650 meters     -12, No new snow, Base 125 cm
1550 meters     -11, No new snow, Base 92 cm
  660 meters     -15, Valley Temp

For the forecast, sunny skies in the morning before cloud begins to move in later this afternoon. Light snow will begin to fall this evening into tomorrow morning as a warm frontal band moves into our area. A stronger front arrives for Tuesday with southerly winds and slightly warmer temperatures. A moist westerly flow will continue into the week bringing a series of frontal bands into next weekend. Appears the pattern we have been in will change for at least this week. If the systems track as forecasted we may get 50-70 cm by Friday. Guesstimates 2-5 by Monday morning, 10-15 by Tuesday morning, 20-30 by Wednesday morning.

    February 8, 2014; another cold, clear beautiful day!!

So far Tuesday looks promising, with 20-30 cm by Wednesday morning.

    Incredibly dry on the North Coast.

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    Terrain park was busy on Saturday!

    Excellent dry snow conditions below the guns.

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