12 Apr 2014

April 12, 2014

    Going to work, 07:45 Hrs, April11, 2014.

    Dust on crust if you could find some supportable crust.

    Some nimbus clouds lurking about, but very little precipitation on Whistler/Blackcomb.

                                            New sign at Blackcomb Glacier Park Entrance!

                Many thanks to Jill Gotto of the Blackcomb Sign Department for her hard work.

    Fissile looking as awesome as always.

    Sunset April 11, 2014.

Weather observations for April 12, 2014; taken at 06:00 Hrs.

2240 meters      -8, Winds were 30-55 KPH from the NNE
2180 meters      -6, Winds were 35-60 KPH from the NNW
1860 meters      -5, Winds were 35-45 KPH from the NNE
1835 meters      -5, Winds were 10-25 KPH from the SSE
1650 meters      -3, No new snow, Base 245 cm
1550 meters       0, No new snow, Base 194 cm
  660 meters      -2, Valley Temperature, Max Temp yest +12.6

For the forecast, the trough has been pushed Southeastward as a strong Northerly flow clears out our zone, the strong upper level ridge has taken over with sunny skies and warmer temperatures. Clouds are still expected to form this afternoon. Sunday is looking sunny and warmer as the ridge builds in strength. Monday the high is expected to shift, associated with a low level offshore flow. This will bring warm temperatures to the zone before becoming unsettled into Tuesday. A more zonal pattern is expected for the rest of the week, but models are still conflicting. More on that tomorrow.  Enjoy the sun.

                          As of 07:00 hrs we have a few scattered clouds and unlimited visibility.

    Satellite image at 10:30 Hrs Friday morning.

    Hard to believe from this picture the high pressure is arriving for a few days.

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Demolition of I-90 snowshed at Snoqualmie Pass: Hyak, Washington

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    Cornice control in Flute Bowl.

    New awareness sign as you venture into the Backcountry.

    Great light at certain times of the day on Friday.

    Became very unsettled by the end of the day.

    Early Friday morning, April 11, 2014.

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