15 Apr 2014

April 15, 2014

    Great morning in the valley, high overcast eventually became broken. April 14, 2014.

    Filled in for a while mid morning.

    Alta Lake is looking ready, anyone gone for a swim yet!!

    Some great looking clouds around April 14, 2014.

    Sunset Monday evening.

Weather observations for April 15, 2014; taken at 06:00Hrs.

2240 meters      -7, Winds were 10-20 KPH from the WSW
2180 meters      -5, Winds were 30-35 KPH from the SSW
1860 meters      -5, Winds were 5-15 KPH from the SSW
1835 meters      -4, Winds were 20-30 KPH from the WSW
1650 meters      -2, No new snow, Base 239 cm
1550 meters      -1, No new snow, Base 190 cm
  660 meters     +2, Valley Temperature, Max Temp +16 Yest

For the forecast, a weak front is moving into our area, unsettled this morning, increasing cloud later today and some precipitation in a Northwesterly flow. The week is looking unsettled with the wetter day being Thursday. Wednesday is now looking mostly cloudy. Thursday is looking cloudy, with light precipitation amounts. There is no agreement in the models for Friday into the weekend, but it could be very spring like, unsettled with the possibility of precipitation. Guesstimates; trace to 1 cm by Wednesday morning, 1-3 cm of snow for Thursday morning, 5-8 cm for Friday morning. Freezing levels for this period will be between 1200-1600 meters with the passing of the various weak weather systems.

                           As of 07:00 Hrs we have scattered clouds skies with unlimited visibility.

    Early Monday morning, high cirrus cloud began to move in.

    Picture from same time frame.

    Cold front and moisture for Thursday.

Ski Helmet use is not reducing brain injuries: New York Times

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Missoula County Attorney- No charges to be filed in fatal Mt, Jumbo Avalanche: Montana

Avalanche in France affects 35 people, only two injured: Video of scene and rescue

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    Where can you ski off one mountain, walk to the next lift in front of a live performance?

    The Sociables were playing on Monday.

    That's not a helicopter?

    Whistler Valley weather station is looking spring like.

    Golf season is quickly approaching!!

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