29 Apr 2014

April 29, 2014

    Very cloudy yesterday morning, April 27, 2014.

    Eventually softened up for some good skiing\riding.

    Slowly got better as the day went on.

    Clean slate on Whistler.

    Did become very broken by the end of the day.

    Sunset April 27, 2014.

Weather observations for April 29, 2014, taken at 06:00 Hrs.

2240 meters      -5, Winds were 30-35 KPH from the S
1860 meters      -2, Winds were 15-30 KPH from the S
1550 meters      -1, No new snow, Base 196 cm
  660 meters     +2, Valley Temperature, Max Temp Yest +10.8

For the Forecast, a very weak warm front will bring cloudy skies this morning. The strong upper level ridge will bring sunny skies this afternoon into Wednesday and Thursday. Onshore flow may bring clouds to the area Thursday night into Friday as a weak front moves off the coast. Still some disagreement in the models so more info as we get closer to the weekend. Freezing levels will begin to rise today, by tonight we could get to 3000 meters with 3800 meters possible by Thursday. Temperatures in the alpine have the potential to spike to +18 by Thursday.

    As of 08:00 hrs in the alpine we have high overcast and unlimited visibility.

    The high pressure will push weather systems to the North on Wednesday.

    Saturday is looking wet for us!!

     Looks like the low will push the high away for late Friday.

Rock Climbing Bears: You Tube

Avalanche Warning in Washington State: NWAC

El Nino is brewing for next winter: El Nino Watch

Promo for Highmark Avi Bag by Snowpulse: Sheshreds
 These devices are not a life jacket!!!

Sherpa's given raw deal in Nepal, community feels: UAE News

    Melting quickly at the base of Blackcomb.

    Cool clouds at Days End.

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