30 Apr 2014

April 30, 2014

    Warm front brought in some very high thin cloud cover yesterday morning.

    Even with the cloud cover around 12:00 warm temps created wet point releases. 0 Deg at 2240 M.

    Later in the day it did clear off with partially cloudy skies.

   At around 17:00 hours it started getting very active for about 30 minutes. Decker Mt.

    Within 20 minutes it went from the above to this, size 1-2 Na wet avalanches.

    Some great clouds on Tuesday evening.

    Sunset April 29, 2014.

Weather observations for April 30, 2014, taken at 06:00 hrs.

2240 meters      +1, Winds were 15-25 KPH from the SSW
1860 meters      +5, Winds were 0-5 KPH from the ENE
1550 meters      +6, No new snow, Base 190 cm
  660 meters      +3, Valley Temperature, Max Temp Yest + 17.3

For the forecast, a strong upper level ridge in the Pacific Northwest will dominate our zone into Friday morning. Sunny skies with some very thin cirrus clouds can be expected today.  Friday night a cold front associated with an onshore flow will bring showers to the area. Saturday a large upper level low will dominate with seasonable temperatures and light precipitation. Freezing levels will rise to 3900 meters today and slowly drop too 3700 meters tomorrow.

    As of 07:30 hrs we have partially cloudy skies with unlimited visibility.

    Satellite image from yesterday morning.

    Fairly extensive warm front yesterday.

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    Pinwheeling from yesterday afternoon.

    Austin in great form!!

   Challenging conditions yesterday afternoon.

    Very active in Lakeside yesterday after 17:00 Hrs. +3 at 2240 meters.

   Cornice debris from control work in the Teetering area on Blackcomb. April 29, 2014.

    Lots of bears out and about !!

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