16 May 2014

May 16, 2014

    Avalanche on Mount Shuksan claims a Seattle Mountaineer; Story in Article Section below.
    29 US Avalanche Fatalities for the 2013-2014 Season to Date.

    Some great clouds in the morning, May 15, 2014.

   As the day progressed the cloud layer to the South moved into the area.

    Looking North yesterday afternoon.

   Wet slab avalanches from  May 14-May 15 out of the lookers left of lower Disease Ridge. Nc

    Sunset May 15, 2014.

Weather observations for May 16, 2014; taken at 07:00 Hrs.

2240 meters      +5, Winds were 5-10 KPH from the ESE
1860 meters      +6, Winds were 0-5 KPH from the ESE
1550 meters      +8, No New snow, Base 144 cm
  660 meters      +9, Valley Temperature. Max Temp Yest was +25.6

For the forecast:

Synopsis: — upper level high pressure will gradually shift Eastward through Friday as a trough approaches offshore.  Cloud cover will increase as the day progresses in a Southwesterly flow. Onshore flow along the coast will spread inland today and maintain moist and cooler temperatures Friday evening. The closed upper low will move over the region for showery and cool weather Saturday through Monday. Models have now backed off on precipitation amounts so showers to light rain are now in the mix. The threat of showers will decrease Tuesday with drier weather and partial clearing Wednesday and Thursday. Freezing levels will start at around 3000 meters today dropping to 2500 meters this evening. Saturday evening will be the lowest values, around 2000 meters before it slowly begins to rise. 

    As of 08:00 hrs we have partial cloudy skies with unlimited visibility.

    Satellite image from this morning, clouds are building on the coast.

    Some moisture heading our way for Saturday into Sunday.

    Considering how much cloud was near our zone yesterday it was a very nice day.

    Looks like the low is weakening as it gets closer to the coast.

Video Fridays:

Base Jumping in the Basilica of Koekelberg: Brussesl, Belgium

Snow Biking, a bit long but entertaining: Blackcomb was thinking about it.

Moose attacks snowmobiler: Jackman, Maine

Heli Bike drop: Mexican Volcano

Full Throttle Riding: Banshee Rune with PCJ


Ski Mountaineer from Seattle killed in an avalanche: Mount Shuksan

Skiing the steep and deep Spacewalk: Jackson Hole

Conditions warrant a retreat; Anidesha Chuli

Canadian Mountaineer injured in an avalanche near Nango Parbat Base Camp: Pakistan

    Crazy textures early in the morning.

    Water is pooling in areas from the melt.

    Marmot Hole!

                            Tracks from 2 days ago.

    Sun and Cirrus clouds yesterday morning.

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