27 Oct 2014

October 27, 2014

    Mount Sessel, October 24, 2014. 2746 meters, 46 Km Northwest of Pemberton.

    Recent snow has made the alpine look wintry, sunset on Friday was officially at 18:04.

    Jamie May and Holly Walker get first turns on Blackcomb Glacier Friday, Oct 24.  Photos below.

    Very moist and cool on Saturday with the snow line coming closer to the valley.

    Sunday morning on the Upper Lillooet River,  conditions improved as the day progressed.

    Wedge just after the sun went down at 18:00 hrs on Sunday.

Weather Observations for October 27, 2014; taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters        -7, Winds were 20-30 KPH from the S
1860 meters        -5, Winds were 10-20 KPH from the E
1550 meters        -2, Relative Humidity 90 %
  660 meters       +1, Valley Temperature, Max Temp Yest +8.8, 3.4 mm 0f Precip
                                 We have had 21.6 mm recorded at the Nesters weather station since Friday.

For the forecast, a vigorous front in a Southwest flow is approaching the coast and will affect our zone later today. Cool temperatures this afternoon will bring snow down to 1500 meters as the front moves on shore and intensifies.   Finally the remnants of hurricane Ana will bring light to heavy precipitation to our area Monday evening into Tuesday with rising freezing levels Tuesday evening reaching (2000 meters). This warm weather system is accompanied by a deep surface low and heavy rain with windy conditions can be expected. Wednesday is looking like a showery day with freezing levels dropping slightly to around 1800 meters. Thursday should bring another front as the system from Tuesday will regenerate and come back into our area for more precipitation. Friday is looking like we will see light rain with freezing levels dropping from the 2000 meter level to 1400 meters by the evening. Will update the forecast on Wednesday as I am sure we are in for changes as the week progresses.

    Frontal wave arriving latter today.

    Wednesday at this time is looking like showers.

    Thursday is looking like another wet day.

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    Starting to look a lot like Winter.

    Water was flowing off the moss on Friday.

    Meager Group on Sunday afternoon, cleared up near the end of the day.

    Looks like 60 cm in certain areas on Sunday.

Early Season up to Blackcomb Glacier Provincial Park: Photos from Holly Walker and Jamie May.

Hike up Blackcomb Mountain at 6:45 on Friday, October 24th. First snow was seen on ground just above the bottom of Crystal Chair (~1300m). 

On Blackcomb Glacier, 40cm of fresh consolidated snow was measured above the glacier ice. Snow around 20 degrees was stable but at steeper elevation (approximately 30 degrees) there was cracking. There was still numerous open crevasses and new snow bridges have started to form. 

Clouds broke from around 12:30-13:00, just in time for us to ski on the Blackcomb Glacier. Clouds and light precipitation rolled back in for the hike back down Blackcomb. We reached the Village by 14:45. 

Skier and writer Holly Walker lives in Whistler when she is not traveling in search of perfect pow. Sponsors include Mammut, Clif Bar, K2, Smith, POW and Mons Royale.

    Large holes at the top of Blackcomb Glacier Provincial Park.

    Jamie May getting first turns down the Glacier.

    No surprises in the snow pack.

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