20 Dec 2014

December 20, 2014

    First lift up Solar Coaster early Friday morning, December 19, 2014.

    Hard not to have a good day in powder that dry in the upper elevations.

    Spin drift off Chainsaw Ridge. Avalanche control produced mostly Size 1 soft slabs on Friday.

    Fracture line in Glacier Bowl on Whistler. Soft Slab!!

    Some areas were skiing thigh deep.

    There are still many Cevasses and Bergshrunds out there, keep your wits about you!!

Weather observations for December 20, 2014, taken at 06:00 Hours this Am.

2240 meters      -6, Winds were 60-90 KPH from the SSE
2180 meters      -6, Winds were 50-70 KPH from the SSE
1860 meters      -5, Winds were 20-35 KPH from the SSE
1835 meters      -3, Winds were 20-45 KPH from the SSE
1650 meters      -2, 14 cm of new snow, 18 cm in 24 hours, Base 116 cm
1550 meters      -2, 8 cm of new snow, 12 cm in 24 hours, Relative Humidity 98%, Base 80 cm
  660 meters     +1, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yest +3.4, 5.1 mm of Precip recorded yesterday

    As of 07:00 Hours we have obscured skies, variable visibility, snowing and blowing.

For the forecast, two warm fronts will be moving through the area today. Strong moist Westerly flow will bring wet and windy conditions this morning as the first front moves onshore. The second will arrive this evening. Freezing levels will begin to rise and hopefully top out at 1600 meters. The moist flow will continue into Sunday with light precipitation and gradually decreasing freezing levels. Should see the FL drop to 1000 meters by Sunday evening as an upper level ridge begins to develop into early Monday morning. Cloudy conditions for Monday afternoon with flurries. Model runs are inconsistent and rapidly changing so more on next week tomorrow. Guesstimates: 12-16 cm by Sunday morning, 4-6 cm by Monday morning, Flurries Monday.

    Yesterday morning at 11:30 Hours.

    Saturday is still looking juicy.

    Two warm fronts moving in for today.

    Some precip for Sunday.

    Looking into next week there is a lot going on, model runs are changing quickly.

     Looking way out there it looks like Dec 25 will be fairly dry in a Northerly Flow.


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    There were periods of unsettled weather yesterday morning!!

    The alpine is skiing very well!!

    Grooming a cross country ski track near the reservoir, on Whistler Mountain.

    There was some cool light in the cloud layer at times.

    The snow was very light on Friday.

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