22 Dec 2014

December 22, 2014

    First light Sunday morning, the first day of WINTER.

    The new snow just above the snow line. 23 cm at 1650 meters overnight.

    Winds were steady most of the day, 20-30 KPH most of yesterday morning at 1860 meters.

    Wind drift by the patrol building Top of 7 th Heaven.

    There were a few people out enjoying the snow yesterday.

Weather observations for December 22, 2014, taken at 06:00 Hours this Am.

2240 meters      -9, Winds were 20-30 KPH from the WSW
2180 meters      -7, Winds were 15-30 KPH from the WSW
1860 meters      -6, Winds were 10-15 KPH from the ESE
1835 meters      -5, Winds were 10-25 KPH from the SSW
1650 meters      -5, 8 cm of new snow, 9 cm in 24 hours, Base 131 cm
1550 meters      -4, 5 cm of new snow, 6 cm in 24 hours, Relative Humidity 90%, Base 98 cm
  660 meters      -1, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yest +3.5, 7.2 mm of Precip recorded yesterday

    Valley Lights, as of 07:00 hrs this am we have broken skies and unlimited visibility.

For the forecast, an upper level ridge is building to the Southwest but we will likely see a dry unsettled day with some sunny breaks. Cloud will increase later today as a weak front moves into our zone with precipitation for tonight into tomorrow, with a freezing level hovering around 1000 meters. The front will slowly move East for Wednesday ushering in a upper level trough with dry cloudy conditions for Wednesday. Drier air in a Northwest flow will bring unsettled conditions to the area Wednesday night into Thursday. Freezing levels will begin to lower on Wednesday night to the valley level. Very light snow is expected for Friday. Guesstimates: 2-4 cm for Tuesday morning, 10-15 cm by Wednesday morning.

    Unsettled yesterday morning.

    Upper level ridge just off shore will bring dry conditions to the area today,

    Ridge weakens this evening allowing a weak frontal band into the area for Tuesday into Wednesday.

    Shortwave trough will pass through on Wednesday. 

    There is still uncertainty weather we will be dry for Xmas day and boxing day. Wet for boxing day?


Amazing Snow Sculptures: Harbin Festival

Whistler Mountain opens for cross country skiing: Pique

Coquihalla Snowmobile Club: Conditions Report

Avalanche Warning Issued: Northern Colorado

    Some spectacular light at times yesterday.

    Lots of snow on this feature.

    New snow eating up some gear.

   Still wet in the valley.

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