5 Dec 2014

December 5, 2014

    First light Thursday morning, the weak front began to creep into our zone.

    By the afternoon it was beginning to thicken.

    Temperatures remained cold enough to blow snow in the valley. December 4, 2014.

    Wind skin at 2000 meters on North Aspects.

    Just before sunset, Thursday afternoon.

Weather observations for December 5, 2014, taken at 06:00 Hours this am.

2240 meters      -4, No wind data
2180 meters      -3, Winds were 20-30 KPH from the S
1860 meters      -2, Winds were 20-30 KPH from the E
1835 meters   -0.5, Winds were 10-20 KPH from the SSE
1650 meters       0, 7 cm of new snow, Base 58 cm
1550 meters       0, Relative Humidity 99%
  660 meters      -4, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yest -3, 1.8 mm of Precip Yest

    As of 06:45 we have broken skies, variable visibility, light winds, and no precipitation.

For the Forecast, a weak warm front in a Southwest flow aloft will bring very light precipitation to the area today.(Flurries)  A slightly stronger front will bring more precipitation Friday evening. Appears to be  bit of a drying trend over the weekend, before another weak front arrives on Monday. Next week will bring a series of stronger fronts to the South Coast. Guesstimates; 4-8 cm by Saturday morning above 1800 meters, 10-15 cm by Tuesday morning above 1700 meters, 20-30 cm by Wednesday morning above 1700 meters. Hoping these values may drop by a few hundred meters as we get closer to the event. Freezing levels will be in a yo yo pattern over the weekend, fluctuating between 1500 meters to 2000 meters, the higher values are short lived.

    Front was upon us by Thursday afternoon.

    Lots of moisture out in the Pacific.

Warming will possibly take the Freezing Level to 2000 meters briefly Friday night. 

    Another impulse of moisture this evening with FL near 2000 meters.

    Deep low affecting our zone Monday-Thursday, moist and windy conditions can be expected.

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    Cornices will really be growing next week!!

   A variety of cloud formations on Thursday.

    Facets in shallow rocky terrain, North aspect.

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