17 Feb 2015

February 17, 2015

   Avalanche in the Col de L'Izoard near Briacon, France has claimed two snowshoers, story below.

   Avalanche blocks road to Tromso, Norway. Population 70,000 + Story Below                      Net Pic

    Sunrise officially at 07:21 Monday morning February 16, 2015. Very similar to yesterday's.

    Clouds began to infiltrate the zone early Monday.

    Green Lake early Monday morning.

    15:00 Hours, cloudy but still sunny enough for a nice day.

    Just before sunset February 16, 2015.

    Just after sunset on Monday evening.

Weather Observations for February 17, 2015; taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters        -1, Winds were 15-30 KPH from the E
2180 meters        -1, Winds were 25-50 KPH from the W
1860 meters         0, Winds were 15-20 KPH from the WNW
1835 meters         0, Winds were 5-15 KPH from the S
1650 meters        -2, No new new snow, Base 144 cm
1550 meters        -1, No new new snow, Base 108 cm,  Relative Humidity 55%.
  660 meters        -3, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +7.1

   As of 07:00 Hours we have clear skies, unlimited visibility with an inversion.

For the forecast, strengthening high pressure will bring sunny conditions to the area today with a Northwest flow aloft. Presently there is a warm mid mountain air mass, but the temperatures in the alpine will warm up with a Freezing Level reaching 3500 meters by this afternoon. The ridge will weaken tomorrow afternoon with a Westerly flow aloft allowing a cold front to pass through the zone into Thursday with cloudy conditions, with very light precipitation, ending sometime Thursday afternoon. The flow will become Northerly again and we can expect unsettled conditions as the strong ridge begins to rebuild. Friday may see some lingering cloud but by Saturday we will be back in the sunshine into mid next week. Freezing levels will fluctuate from 2000 meters Wednesday morning to 1500 meters by Wednesday evening. Day time heating and evening cooling will have the FL at closer to average values for this time of the year. Could drop below 800 meters for early Friday and Saturday mornings. Guesstimates: 1-3 cm by Thursday morning, Trace -2 cm by Thursday afternoon.

    Northerly flow will shift to Westerly by tomorrow.

    Jet Stream continues in its Northerly flow.

    Clear today into Wednesday afternoon.

    Cold from moving onshore Wednesday afternoon.

    Some very light precipitation expected from Wednesday evening into Thursday afternoon.

    Strong High Pressure will dominate from Saturday into early next week.


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   Snow conditions on February 16, 2015.

    Same time last year, much nicer surface to be on!!! February 16, 2014.

   Before sunrise on Monday morning.

   Clouds moved in early, Black Tusk Monday morning.

    Armchair Glacier with Mt Weart towering over it.  Facts on Mount Weart

   Alpin Glow on Monday afternoon.

   Sunset was officially at 17:30 Hours.

Hi Wayne,

I was up on the Garibaldi area this past weekend. Here are two photos of some recent slides on the east face of Atwell, and the northeast face of Garibaldi (to the right of the shrund). 

Feel free to share on your blog! 

Cheers, Rich

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