27 Feb 2015

February 27, 2015

    Update on disaster in Afghanistan. Article below.                                                                  Net Pic

    Looking Northeast at 08:00 hours Thursday February 26, 2015. Cool looking sky.

    Same time frame yesterday looking Southwest. Looking like an unsettled day!!

    Many cloud layers mid morning Thursday. Nice to see a dusting of snow.

    The low allowed multiple cloud layers to move in by the afternoon. Image taken at 17:30 Hours.

    Low and High Stratus layer at sunset last night.

Weather Observations for February 27, 2015; taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters       -7, Winds were 20-50 KPH from the SSW
2180 meters       -6, Winds were 40-70 KPH from the NW
1860 meters       -5, Winds were 25-45 KPH from the NW
1835 meters       -4, Winds were 10-20 KPH from the SSE
1650 meters       -3, No new new snow, Base 147 cm
1550 meters       -2, No new new snow, Base 111 cm,  Relative Humidity 87%.
  660 meters        0, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +6.1

    As of 07:00 Hours we have obscured skies with limited visibility. Official sunrise is 07:00 Hrs this am.

    Looking much nicer by 08:00 Hours.

For the forecast, the low is moving South with some lingering cloud in its wake. We will gradually see unsettled conditions today as the persistent ridge of high pressure rebuilds into our area for the foreseeable future. Not sure if its shifting west is going to be a positive change in the short term.
Sunny days with cool nights can be expected into Wednesday in a predominately Northwest flow aloft. There is a weak front passing down the coastal waters which could bring some cloud to the area Sunday afternoon. Freezing levels will be around 1000-1200 meters during the day dropping blow surface in the evenings\early morning.  Long term we can hopefully expect a change next weekend.

                      Weak low passing over the area today.

                               Jet stream is being shifted as the high moves West.

                               High pressure is moving well out into the Pacific.

    The low brought some precipitation to Washington State.

    Some cloud in our zone but should see the high strengthen this afternoon.

    Blue Bird for Saturday.

    Weak upper shortwave trough moves down the coast Sunday. Will see clouds Sunday afternoon.


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    Looking West Thursday morning.

    Looking Southwest just before dusk Thursday evening. Low is moving through.

    Big swell on Thursday.

    Sunset Thursday evening.

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