16 Mar 2015

March 16, 2015

    High overcast skies, first light Sunday morning--March 15, 2015.

    Cloud layer descended as the day went on.

    Fairly good light at 1835 meters in the morning.

    Obscured by the late afternoon.

    Sunset was at 19:15, high pressure slowly moving South.

Weather Observations for March 16, 2015; taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters     -9, Winds were 25-50 KPH from the NNE
2180 meters     10, Winds were 25-35 KPH from the NNE
1860 meters     -8, Winds were 10-15 KPH from the NW
1835 meters     -7, Winds were 10-20 KPH from the NNE
1650 meters     -6, Trace of new snow, 1 cm in 24 hours, Base 148 cm
1550 meters     -5, No new snow, Base 105 cm,  Relative Humidity 50%. 
  660 meters     -4, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +5.8.

    As of 07:00 Hours we have clear skies and unlimited visibility.

For the forecast, a weak upper level ridge has brought us sunny skies for the morning with some cloud development during the afternoon in a Northeasterly flow. The freezing level will rise to around 1800 meters with day time heating, dropping this evening to around 1200 meters. A weak upper level trough will bring cloudy conditions for Tuesday with some very light precipitation possible later in the day, FL is expected to rise to 1800 meters then descend to 1400 meters in the evening. At this time Wednesday is looking unsettled with the slight chance of some showers during the day, FL rising to a maximum of 1800 meters during the day. A pacific front will bring cloud to the area Wednesday night with light to moderate precipitation through Friday morning. The FL will fluctuate from a low of 1500 meters to a high of 2000 meters by Friday morning. An unsettled pattern looks to continue into Saturday with mostly cloudy skies. Guesstimates: Trace to 2 cm by Wednesday morning above 1300 meters, 1-4 cm by Thursday morning above 1300 meters, 10-15 cm above 1900 meters by Friday morning.

    Satellite image from yesterday afternoon around 12:30 hours, majority of precipitation South.

    Yesterday afternoon around 1630 yesterday. Ridge starting to push low South.

    Big picture yesterday.

    Clear skies for Monday morning, possible cloud development in the afternoon.

     Surface high began building last night.

    Weak front moving onshore for Tuesday.


Woman missing in March 2 Nd avalanche not found: Jumla, Nepal

Anchorage man injured in an avalanche while snowmobiling: Squaw Creek, AK

Crews already working to clear Washington mountain passes: Olympia, WA

Boston beats record from 1872, 275.84 cm of snow this winter: 108.6 inches

Sled triggered point release 30cm windslab up Hope Crk Sunday. Didn't travel more than a few meters. Toby Salin Pic

     Hurley Road fail, chains may have helped.                                                                                               Toby Salin Pic

                      White vein linking the valley to the natural snow line.  Binty Massey Pic

        Snowmaking has kept us alive in March.                                                   Binty Massey Pic

    Lower Olympic is still in decent shape.

    March 1981, looks kind of similar in the valley, no snowmaking or town centre. Cliff Jennings Pic

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