1 May 2015

May 1, 2015

    An avalanche kills a climber in the Davin Couloir, France-- story below.                  Pistehors Photo

    Cloudy at the lower elevations Thursday April 30, 2015.

    Very low ceiling yesterday morning.

    Snow line yesterday morning was quite low, 2 cm recorded at 1650 meters.

    Less cloud to the South yesterday morning. Still showers in Vancouver!!

    Around 10:00 Hours at 1835 meters, between the cloud layers.

    Raining in Howe Sound yesterday at 18:00 Hours.

    Very light snow later in the day at 1835 meters.

Weather Observations for May 1, 2015; taken at 06:00 Hours.

2180 meters     -2, Winds were 30-40 KPH from the SSW
1835 meters      0, Winds were 25-35 KPH from the S
1650 meters    +1, No new snow, Base 173 cm, relative humidity is 92%
  660 meters    +6, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +8.0, 0.2 mm of precip recorded on Thur.

    As of 07:00 Hours this am we have mostly overcast skies with some breaks and variable visibility.

For the forecast, the slow moving weak trough in a Northwesterly flow will bring mostly cloudy conditions to the area this morning. Good chance of some light intermittent isolated showers as the clouds lift with convective cloud development as the day progresses. As the trough moves Southeastward we will see some breaks later this morning into this afternoon. The freezing level will rise from 1800 meters to just over 2000 meters this afternoon and drop back down tonight to 1500 meters as the surface ridge builds in the Pacific Northwest. Saturday will see some unsettled conditions with more sunshine but convective activity will likely bring some showers to the area as well. The FL will be similar as today's pattern. The surface high pressure will strengthen for Sunday with sunny warm conditions and the FL rising to 2400 meters. Monday will start off unsettled but the low pressure system to the Northwest will begin to push cloud into the area by Monday evening in a Westerly flow aloft with a weak cold front moving onshore by Early Tuesday morning. Tuesday will see light to moderate precipitation into Wednesday morning with the FL fluctuating from 1800 meters to 1500 meters.

    Flow for today with lingering cloud in our area.

    High pressure begins to build later in the day.

    Surface high with warmer temperatures for tomorrow.

    High pressure strengthens for Sunday.

    Low pressure sends a cold front our way Tuesday.


Video shows snow and ice hitting Everest base Camp: ABC News

Avalanche hits Everest Base Camp: April 25, 2015

Rescue effort after avalanche on Mt Everest: Elia Saikaly

Speed Climbing record set on the Matterhorn: Dani Arnold


Climber killed by an avalanche in the Davin Couloir: France

Everest climbing reopens next week after quake--avalanche: Nepal

Gravity Data shows the Antarctic ice sheet is melting quickly: Science Daily

Scientists are aiding in quake recovery in Nepal: Scientific America

    Image from yesterday morning.

    Looking South over Vancouver Thursday morning.

    Still at Liberty Distillery on Granville Island.

    Raining hard on Howe Sound yesterday at around 18:00 Hours.

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