27 May 2015

May 27, 2015

    Stratus layer Tuesday morning May 26, 2015.

    Stratus layer reached up into the Pemberton Valley Tuesday morning.

    Layer eventually lifted and formed some convective clouds.

    View from 1835 meters on Whistler late yesterday afternoon.

    Sunset last night.

Weather Observations for May 27, 2015: taken at 05:00 Hours.

2180 meters      +7, Winds were 5-10 KPH from the NE
1835 meters      +8, Winds were 5-10 KPH from the S
1650 meters      +7, No new snow, Base 58 cm, relative humidity is 100%
  660 meters    +12, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +21.9.

    As of 06:00 Hours we have a stratus layer below 1700 meters and unlimited visibility above.

For the forecast, low level onshore flow will weaken today with dry warm conditions into the weekend. The upper level low to our Southeast will move further inland but low pressure inland and high pressure offshore will still contribute to unsettled conditions for today. The marine stratus layer will once again lift and become convective later this morning. Thursday morning is looking fairly sunny with some convective cloud development in the afternoon. Drier and mostly sunny for Friday into the weekend.

    Low is slowly moving East.

    Our zone is o the edge.

    Satellite image from later in the day Tuesday.


Most glaciers on Mount Everest will disappear with climate change: The Guardian

Avalanche temporarily closes Independence Pass: Colorado

Evolution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Science Daily

    Wispy clouds yesterday morning.

    Convergence of the Lillooet River, Ryan River and Miller Creek.

    Wild Roses.

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