1 Nov 2015

November 1, 2015

    There is snow in them there hills!!  Early Sunday morning.

    Friday afternoon was quite pleasant, where did all the rain go!!!

    Big picture Friday, looks like most of the excitement will go South.

    Raining lightly early Saturday morning just South of Squamish.

    Howe Sound looking SW at around 11:00 Hours Saturday, October 31, 2015.

    Looking into the valley Saturday afternoon. Max Temp of +2.6 at 1860 meters Saturday. Min -1.

    Image Saturday morning, we were still getting rain.

    Before noon on Saturday rain eased off, most of the moisture went to the USA.

Rainfall Totals for Friday:   26.3 mm Squamish       Saturday:  26.7 mm Squamish   El 52   Meters
                                             10.6 mm Whistler                            9.6 mm Whistler     El 660 Meters
                                             14.4 mm Pemberton                        6.2 mm Pemberton  El 20   Meters

Weather Observations for November 1, 2015: taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters      -6, Winds were 20-30 KPH S--Horstman Hut Station
1835 meters      -3, Winds were 15-30 KPH from the SW
1650 meters      -2, Relative Humidity 100%
  660 meters     +3, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +10.2. 9.6 mm of rain recorded yest.

    As of 07:00 Hours we have overcast skies, limited visibility and it is snowing lightly.

For the forecast, cold front last night and early this morning has brought the freezing level down to close to 1000 meters. A trough in a strong Southwest flow aloft will move through the are today with periods of precipitation as a deep low proceeds Eastward with a trailing occluded front. Cooling air aloft will bring more snow showers to the alpine today into this evening. Monday a broader open trough in a Northerly flow will bring unsettled conditions with some showers as weak ridging brings some sunny breaks. Tuesday will see a shortwave ridge with drier conditions with more sunny breaks and cloud. Wednesday at this time is looking unsettled as well as Thursday followed by a warmer frontal band on Friday. Will start posting 3 times a week until the 2015-2016 season starts. Update on Tuesday morning.

    Will see periods of light precipitation for today.

    Low off the coast will move Eastward today.

    Unsettled for Monday, could be sunny in the morning with a mix of sun and cloud in the afternoon.


Avalanche App gets real time information to Backcountry Users: Avalanche Canada

Avalanche Hazard, Danger, and Risk- A Practical Explanation: Grant Statham

Exploring Australia's surprisingly good Backcountry: Still Stoked

Free Avalanche Awareness and Education seminars in B.C. for sledders: BRP

    Looks like snowmaking is getting ready, Friday afternoon October 30, 2015.

    Blue sky over Whistler Friday Afternoon.

    Dry with some blue just before noon on Saturday.

    Maximum temperature at 2240 meters on Saturday was 0.  Minimum temperature was -2.7.

    Cool clouds on Saturday.

    Beginning of November 2014. Looks kinda like 2015, maybe a tad more snow.

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