28 Dec 2015

December 28, 2015

    Fx line on Mount Seymour. Sr two person involvement just before X-Mas Coquitlam SAR Photo

    Pleasant surprise Sunday morning December 27, 2015. 15 cm in Alpine Meadows.

    An even nicer surprise at the lift line 07:55, upload at 08:00 Hours.

    First lift up at 08:00.

           Some nice snow again yesterday.

    Lift lines, What lift lines. Guess people were sleeping in!!

    There were some great flurries during the day as well. 7 cm recorded at 1550 meters by 14:00 hrs.

    Top to bottoms in the morning and right back up.

    Sunset Sunday evening was officially at 16:15. We are only gaining 1 minute of day light per day.

Weather Observations for December 28, 2015: taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters   -10, Winds were 5-10 KPH SSE --Horstman Hut Station
2180 meters     -9, Winds were 10-20 KPH S    --Whistler Peak
1860 meters     -9, Winds were 5-15 KPH NW   --Rendevous
1835 meters     -8, Winds were 0-10 KPH S       --Roundhouse
1650 meters     -8, 1 cm of new snow, 7 cm in 24 hours 182 cm Base, RH 98%  --Pig Alley
1550 meters     -8, Trace of new snow, 8 cm in 24 hours 138 cm Base        --Catskinner 
  660 meters   -10, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was -2.4. 5.3 mm of precipitation recorded

    As of 07:00 hours this am we have scattered cloud and unlimited visibility.

For the forecast, ridging will result in dry conditions beyond New Years. A Maritime ridge and an Arctic front will be butting heads for the next two days, mostly sunny conditions for Monday with some cloud lingering in the morning. Tuesday, we will see the ridge strengthening by the evening into Wednesday. By Thursday some warm air flows into the area with sunny skies and inverted temperatures. A blocking pattern will persist into next week. Freezing levels later in the week could reach well above the highest local peaks. Get out your sun screen!!

    Arctic front with cold temperatures for today, a few clouds around in the morning.

    High pressure building for Tuesday.

    High pressure strenghtening for Wednesday.

    Strong high pressure with warm air aloft., Thursday into the weekend. Blocking pattern!!


A week of avalanches, tree well and snow immersion suffocation: SnowBest

Snow Avalanche Warning: Global News

What is Steven's Pass Uphill policy for this season: Stevens Pass

Facets in Southwest Montana: Snow pack update

    Snowing lightly Sunday morning.

                   Looking down at a very snow laden tree.

    Town Centre Sunday afternoon, overcast and snowing very lightly.

    Clouds began to break around 16:30 Hours.

    A very snowy looking front side of Blackcomb.

    Dirty ridge flexing its muscle.

    Awesome sunset.

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