4 Jan 2016

January 4, 2016

   An avalanche on Mont Blanc has killed two climbers, story below. Image by Joshua McDonough

    First light in the valley on Blueberry Hill.

    Constant entertainment all day long.

         Pack and all.

    Hang Time.

    Awesome day in the park.

    Hand grooming the jumps.

    Park crew are really great at what they do!!

    I can fly!!

    The approaching weak front.

Weather Observations for January 4, 2016: taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters  -10, Winds were 20-35 KPH ESE   --Horstman Hut Station
2180 meters    -9, Winds were 5-20 KPH SSE     --Whistler Peak
1860 meters    -9, Winds were 5-10  KPH ESE    --Rendevous
1835 meters  -10, Winds were 10-15 KPH NNE   --Roundhouse
1650 meters    -9, Trace of new snow, 0 cm in 24 hrs, 165 cm Base, RH 98%  --Pig Alley
1550 meters    -8, 0 cm of new snow, 0 cm in 24 hrs, 122 cm Base        --Catskinner 
  660 meters  -10, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was -5.8. 0 mm of Precip recorded

    As of 07:00 Hrs at 1835 meters we have obscured skies and variable visibility.
    At 1860 meters on Blackcomb we have scattered cloud and unlimited visibility.

For the forecast, unsettled conditions today as a very weak front moves through the area with intermittent snow flurries and sunny breaks in a Southwest flow aloft. The freezing level will remain at the surface for today. Tuesday we will see overcast conditions with light snowfall for most of the day increasing to light/moderate snowfall into Wednesday morning. Unsettled for Wednesday afternoon into Thursday before the ridge rebuilds for next weekend. The FL will likely rise to 1500 meters by Wednesday afternoon then back to the surface by Thursday night. Models are still inconsistent beyond Wednesday so there will likely be changes in the up coming days. Guesstimates: 2-4 cm by Tuesday morning, 5-10 cm by Wednesday morning.

    Low over the area today with a dry airmass.

    Should see some precipitation by tomorrow morning.


Two killed in an avalanche on Mount Blanc: France

Extremely Canadian Backcountry Skiing Clinic Review: Teton Gravity

Four soldiers killed in an avalanche in Ladakh: India

Highway blocked by an avalanche in Xinjiang: China

    Crazy high surround by so much cloud. Big picture Sunday.

    Clouds were slowly heading our way yesterday.

    There were lots of talented people in the park on Sunday.

    Had a great day taking shots in the park.

    Awesome sunset Sunday evening.

    Some great lenticular clouds late yesterday.

    Mark McMorris was having an awesome day.

    Surface Hoar under the Hydro Lines.                                                       Yvonne Thorton Image  

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