7 Nov 2016

November 7, 2016


    Avalanche observations below. Recent activity on the Duffy.  Nov 4, 2016                Matt Gun Pic

    Nice to see some blue sky on Friday morning.


    Broken cloud Friday morning, November 4, 2016. +4 at 1860 meters.

    Friday morning.

    Awesome to see some colour Friday morning, strong winds in the alpine.

    Cloudy later in the day but the winds stayed strong. Max gust at 2240 M Friday Pm 168 KPH

    Saturday morning November 5, 2016 +1 at 07:00 Hrs. 53 mm recorded at Pig Alley overnight.

   Image from Saturday morning.

    Unsettled Saturday afternoon, but no snow in the trees :(

    Sunday morning November 6, 2016, another dusting overnight. -1 at 07:00 Hrs +1 by 10:00 Hrs.

    Image from Sunday morning.

    Broken skies in the afternoon on Sunday..

Weather Observations for November 7, 2016: taken at 07:00 Hours.

2240 meters    -1, Winds were 30-50 KPH SE --Horstman Hut
1860 meters   +1, Winds were 25-40 KPH S   --Rendevous
1650 meters   +1, RH 100%  2.5 mm of precip  --Pig Alley  Precip from 00:00 Hrs this am
  660 meters   +5, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +8.5, 3.0 mm of Precip recorded yest

   As of 07:30 Hrs this am we have overcast skies and unlimited visibility.

Another ground hog day, showers to light rain for most of the day in a moist warm Southwesterly flow aloft. The FL will spike tonight well above the local peaks (2800+M) with moderate precipitation into Tuesday morning, with a bit of a pineapple express. We may see record warm temperatures for this time of the year!! A strong frontal band will arrive early Tuesday morning with moderate to heavy precipitation expected with the FL remaining well above the local peaks. By Wednesday morning the front should exit the area with some light precipitation before its departure in the afternoon, bringing drier conditions in an unsettled pattern. Yet another vigorous front arrives Thursday afternoon with moderate to heavy precipitation and a slightly lower FL (Avg 2100 M). Friday is also looking wet with a descending FL possibly dropping to 1700 meters as the frontal band exits the area. Will update Friday morning. The jet stream may begin to shift South by the weekend, lets keep our fingers crossed!!

    We may see a few breaks this afternoon. Looks wet warm and windy!!

    Brunt of the atmospheric river will be North of us today, sliding South for tomorrow.

    Tuesday is looking very wet, 75-100 mm possible.

    Flow for the next few days. Strong upper level trough pushing a series of warm fronts our way.

    Strong frontal band for Tuesday with a moisture plume originating in Hawaii.

    Wednesday is looking like the driest day of the week at this time, rain in the am drying in the pm.

    Frontal band for Thursday with another dose of light precipitation.

    Flow will hopefully switch to a bit more Westerly with slightly cooler temps.

    Friday is also looking wet with moderate to heavy precipitation.


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November 5 at 5:31pm

Toured in Cerise Creek area yesterday. Snow was very warm and wind was ripping so didn't go far. Large slab release visible above Anniversary Glacier. Snow pack depths between 115 cm and 245 in wind loaded areas. Dug a pit in a wind loaded area and found 2 significant ice layers at 60 cm and 120 cm.

     Big slab avalanche                                                                                                       Mat Gunn Pic

    Good coverage above the tree line. Friday

    Some colder temperatures would be really nice!!! Friday 2.8 mm recorded at 660 meters.

    Wet Flurries at 2240 M on Sat.-- 29.6 mm of precip recorded at 660 M, Max temp -1 at 2240M

    Fresh snow in the trees Sunday morning.

    Breaks Sunday, only 3 mm recorded at 660 meters.

    Sunday afternoon, Max temp at 2240 M -1, Max temp at 1860 M was +2.

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