11 Jan 2017

January 11, 2017


    Brittle stiff slab Tuesday am backside of Whistler, explanation below--Philippe Benjamin Pic

    From Tuesday morning, January 10, 2017.                                               Philippe Benjamin Pic

The snow really wanted to move already this morning. "Breaking” trail on a slightly higher half-bake traverse on the back of Whistler Peak. I was threading lightly as even the smallest wind deposits would break up.

 Zero tensile strength barely touched and a crack shot and it propagated really fast.  I didn’t have a ruler but I would guesstimate 16cm slab at the thickest point. 1050AM

Regards, Phil      THANKS PHIL

          Avalanche control sends avalanche into residential area, Alpine Meadows, CA-- story below:

    I-70 closed after avalanche control near Silverthorne: Story below--Net Pic

Locally, many Sz 1-2 Na (natural) storm slabs observed in the surrounding area Tuesday. Cornice control on Flute Bowl produced some Sz 1.5 debris. Reverse loading a concern!!


    First light on Rainbow Tuesday morning, January 10, 2017.

    It felt and looked cold.

    Angel Dust--Plate Stellars causing a light show.

    Northerly outflow later in the morning.

    Wind affect on Phalanx.

    Decent powder turns in specific areas.

    Sweeping Blackcomb Bowl.

    Just before sunset. Spindrift in the distance.

    Tuesday Morning.

    Northern California & Oregon Coast being hit hard. Tuesday afternoon.


Weather Observations for January 11, 2017: taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters   -14, Winds were 50-85 KPH NE    --Horstman Hut 
2180 meters   -21, Winds were 40-85 KPH WNW--Whistler Peak
1860 meters   -16, Winds were 30-75 KPH ENE  --Rendevous
1835 meters   -18, Winds were 20-40 KPH NE    --Roundhouse
1650 meters   -17, 0 cm of new snow, 0 cm in 24 hrs, 188 cm Base, RH 84%  --Pig Alley
1550 meters   -16, 0 cm of new snow, 0 cm in 24 hrs, 108 cm Base, RH 71%  --Catskinner 
  660 meters   -11, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was -6.7, 0.0 mm of Precip recorded yest

If you were at the Peak of Whistler this am at 06:00 Hrs, -21 with a 70 KPH wind would bring the wind chill to -39. Really bundle up!!!Winds will hopefully abate by this afternoon.

   As of 07:00 hrs this am under a clear moonlit sky we have unlimited visibility.


A strong upper level ridge and a surface high over BC will bring cold dry Northerly flow for today into tomorrow. By Friday we should see a Westerly flow aloft with moderating temperatures and some unsettled weather. A very weak front should arrive for Saturday with some possible isolated flurries, followed by a series of wet and mild Pacific fronts, Sunday into Tuesday. The jet stream will move over the weekend bringing in a warmer flow. By Tuesday we may be wanting the modified arctic outbreak back, I would rather be cold than wet.  No Guesstimates until Thursday.

    IR image from this am.

   Another cold clear day.

    Flow for today.

   Looking clear on Thursday.

   Warm and juicy for early next week.


Whistler Heli-Skiing Park use permit is significntly reduced: Garibaldi Provincial Park

Snowmobiling lifestyle in the Pemberton Area captured on Film: Pemby Life

Barryvox Puse vs Barryvox S:  Backcontry Skiing Blog

3 Trucks caught in Avalanche on Vail Pass: I-70

Controlled Avalanche hits Alpine Meadows Homes: Lake Tahoe

I-70 closed after avalanche control near Silverthorne: Colorado


January 10 at 10:12pm

Size 2 avalanche East South East aspect, 30-50 cm crown at Duffey Lake area (Saxifrage Mountain), buried a friend, no injuries.

January 10 at 7:49pm

I posted this on our ACC Whistler page, but haven't noticed anything about this on this page, so thought I would share for those who are interested. 

On Thursday, some of ACC Whistler Section's directors in a variety of capacities will be meeting with other interested parties and our local MLA to provide feedback on the following issues (copied from the email): 

"As a crown land user in the Sea to Sky, I would like to invite you to an upcoming meeting to discuss issues associated with our increasingly busy front and backcountry." 

"I have met with and heard from a variety of groups over the past months about the issue of access, capacity, wildlife, recreation, safety, quality of experience and overall human impacts on the landscape throughout the Sea to Sky." 

"The outcomes for this proposed meeting would be identification and definition of the problems as seen by the participants and a discussion that attempts to provide answers to the question of what constitutes solutions or success for these complex issues." 

"We expect that this will be a well-attended meeting and would ask that you send one representative from your organization to participate in a discussion that is likely to cover a range of concerns." 

Whether you are a card-carrying member of ACC--Whistler Section, please take the time to provide us with any perspective you have. We will not be commenting specifically on what you post, but will attempt to prioritize for our section of the presentation this Thursday morning. 

Thanks in advance, 


    Tuesday Morning  gazing West.

   Cool light  looking south in the morning.

    Horstman Peak.

   Snow blowing off the trees.

    Some pink at days end.

   Full moon will be on January 12, at 03:34 am PST. Interesting facts on the Wolf Moon. Pic Tues pm

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