30 Apr 2018

April 30, 2018


   AC produced numerous Sz 1-Sz 2 Xe & Sc Sunday morning. Some Na Sc 2 noted as well.

    Snowballing from avalanche control on Sunday morning.

    Sz 2 Xe from Sunday morning.

    Even the jump features warmed up and became reactive.


    Snowing early Sunday morning in the alpine.

    Image from 08:30 Sunday morning, snowing in the alpine.

    Snowline came down to 1200 meters Sunday morning.

    Variable visibility at noon yesterday.

    A few breaks just before 18:00 Hrs.

    Cloudy but dry at 20:00 Hrs.

    Sunday afternoon.

    Big picture Sunday afternoon.

Weather Observations for April 30, 2018  taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters    -3, Winds were 10-15 KPH NNE--Horstman Hut
1860 meters    -2, Winds were   5-10 KPH SE   --Rendevous
1550 meters     0, 0 cm of new snow, 2 cm in 24 hrs  Base 221 cm --Catskinner
  660 meters   +6, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +9.2, 0.5 mm of precip recorded yest

Should have an update on snow at around 08:00 Hrs.

    As of 07:00 Hrs this am we have broken skies and variable visibility.


The large weak upper level low to our South will continue to spread cloud into the area today in a
Northeasterly flow aloft. The FL will reach 2300 meters today with a chance of some rain showers. Ridge builds in for Tuesday with the FL rising too 2500+ meters and mostly sunny skies. Wednesday is also looking like a nice day with warm temperatures and mostly sunny skies. A weak upper trough is likely for Thursday with unsettled weather into Friday. At this time the weekend will likely be under the influence of a weak Pacific Front with warm temperatures.
Guesstimates: 0-1 mm by Tuesday morning, dry until Thursday evening.

    GOES IR image from this am.
    Unsettled this am with improving conditions.

    Slight chance of some showers this am.

    Nicer this afternoon.

    Fronts along the coast.

    Looking like a nice day.

    Ridge strengthens.


    Alpine closed yesterday with new snow on an isothermal snow pack.

   Crystal chair closed as well!

    Some adults cannot read!!

    Snowing at Glacier Creek Restaurant Sunday morning.

    Trees are enjoying the rain!!

    River and Lake levels are up!!


Avalanche Science & Prevention: SLF

Snowing in New Zealand: Remarkables

Alpine Rescue Team: Colorado

Snoqualmie Pass Information: NAC

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