17 Sept 2018

September 17, 2018


    Not much to report, army disposes of unexploded ordnance in summer. Story below.     Net Pic


    Tuesday morning 07:00 Hrs +2 Deg C.

    Wednesday morning sunrise at 06:43 Hrs, +2.2 Deg C at 1835 meters.

    Thursday morning September 13, 2018. Groundhog Day.

    Friday morning September 14, 2018. So far this week the days start off pretty much the same.

    Saturday morning September 15, 2018. Sunrise 06:47 hrs. +1 at 1835 meters.

    Sunday morning, +2 Deg C at 06:45 Hrs.

Weather Observations for September 17, 2018  taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters         -2, Winds were 15-25 KPH S--Horstman Hut
1860 meters          0, Winds were 10-15 KPH S --Rendevous
1650 meters        +1, 1.6 mm in 12 hours --Pig Alley
  660 meters        +7, Valley Temp, Max Temp Yesterday was +10.2, 4.2 mm of precip recorded yest

    As of 07:00 hrs this am we have overcast skies and variable visibility.


Cool overcast conditions for this morning with some spotty light showers in a Westerly flow aloft. A very weak high pressure will slowly build with unsettled conditions expected some time today. Drier weather for Tuesday with a mix of sun and cloud, but cool temperatures. A weak trough will bring unsettled weather for Wednesday with some scattered showers. Mostly cloudy on Thursday but we may get a dry day before a low brings more rain for Friday into Saturday. Models are inconsistent for the long term lookout, its been a rather cool fall like pattern. Jet stream is not helping!! Some models are showing an improvement with a ridge building next week, that would be nice!!!

    GOES IR image from this am.

    Low is dominating the pattern.

    Weak ridge building from the South.

    Fronts along the coast.

     Low with cool temperatures.

    Low pushing down from the North.

    Tuesday is looking dry.

     Low may win out on Wednesday.

    Looking unsettled, may see a few showers.

    Low pushes in, may just see cloudy skies.

    High to our North, low to the South??

    Some models have the low bringing rain for Friday.


    Big picture Monday September 10, 2018..

    A few breaks Monday afternoon.

    Another dusting, Tuesday morning.

    Tuesday afternoon. 1.8 mm recorded at 660 meters.

    Dry during the day Wednesday, evening showers. 1.7 mm recorded at 660 meters.

    Thursday 3.3 mm of rain recorded in the valley.

    Another dusting Friday morning. -1.5 at 2240 meters 07:00 hrs.

    Fall colours Saturday!

    Snowing Saturday afternoon at 1700 meters. Persistent low with fall like conditions.

    Saturday, High to the North but low continues to plaque us with cool showery fall like weather.

    Sunday morning, -1 and snow was accumulating.

    Monday morning, -2 as of 07:00 hrs at 2180 meters.


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