9 Feb 2019

February 9, 2019


    Breaks to the East in the early morning.

    Great temperatures for making snow.

    There was some nice light in the am.

    The high moved around during the day, nice to the North.

    The low was pushing in at times, mostly cloudy during the day.

    Looking North later in the afternoon.

    Cloud was circulating around and coming from the East for a while in the afternoon.

    Near the end of the day, looking colder!!!

   13:45 Hrs Friday afternoon.

Weather Observations for February 9, 2019 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters     -23, Winds were 65-100 KPH NNE--Horstman Hut
2180 meters     -26, Winds were 55-105 KPH N--Whistler Peak
1860 meters     -20, Winds were   50-90 KPH NNE-Rendevous
1835 meters     -23, Winds were   20-45 KPH N--Round House
1650 meters     -21, 0 cm of new, 0 cm in 24 hrs, Base 250 cm--Pig Alley
1565 meters     -21, 0 cm of new, trace in 24 hrs, Base 181 cm--Catskinner
  660 meters     -12, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was -3.4, 0.3 mm of precip recorded yest

Wind chill factor: -26 Deg C with a 80 KPH wind is -47 Deg C at 2180 meters at 06:00 hrs this am.

    As of 07:00 hrs this am we have broken cloud and unlimited visibility.
At 10:00 hrs yesterday at 2240 meters it was -17 with an 86 KPH wind, wind chill was -34.
Coldest yesterday at 2240 meters was at 22.00 Hrs -23 with 100 KPH winds= -44 wind chill.


Unsettled weather with strong winds and bitterly cold temperatures in a Northeasterly flow aloft. Overcast this am with sunshine by later this morning. The deep low off the coast will begin to migrate South but the Arctic High will dominate Sunday into Monday. We will likely see some cloud development for Monday night into Tuesday with a weak frontal band passing through. Wednesday should be sunny with slightly colder than seasonable temperatures. Possibly some flurries on Thursday. Dress as warm as you can if venturing up the mountain, or hanging in the valley.

    GOES IR image from this am.

    Strong outflow winds and frigid alpine temperatures.

    Fronts along the coast.

    Cold again Sunday with strong winds.

    Cold Easterly flow.

    Slightly warmer on Tuesday.


    An avalanche has killed a snowmobiler on Circleville Mountain, Utah.                             Net Pic

    An update on the avalanches in Northern India, articlw below.                                          Net Pic

    Locally, no new avalanches on WB, Sc produced some small slides on convex roles in backcountry


    Very cold in the valley with minimum temps of -13 Deg c on Friday.

    Mostly cloudy over WB yesterday.

    New roof on the Umbrella Bar.

    Takin the tracks for a spin!!

    It has been very cold lately, -14 at 1565 meters yesterday with a 15-25 KPH wind out of the N.

    Its cold!!!!                                                                                                 Norma Lu Brown Image

    Friday afternoon, high along the coast, low over Southern Vancouver Island.

Why snow in the Lower Mainland and Seattle.
Lower level frontogenetic forcing along the Arctic Boudary with some upper level ascent supplied by a depening low leads to the development of a convergent band of heavier snowfall.

                     Recent Profile.

From South Coast Touring:

Mitch Sulkers Feb 7, 2019:
A couple of local agencies have been looking carefully at treeline snowpack in the Sea to Sky. At the upper limits of the zone, the temperature crust 190131 is breaking down and non-supportive. Stability tests are starting to show that the facets beneath the crust, down 30-50cm, can release in a sudden collapse.
Most significant terrain concerns would be sudden convexities, like the one that produced a size two on south-facing treeline terrain near Whistler Mountain mid-week.
Surface facetting continues to make for great skiing at treeline and down. From 1850 down to 1750, the buried temperature crust, 190131, is breaking down. Some sudden collapses down 35cm on facets beneath a 1cm crust at 1815m on a north windloaded aspect this afternoon.
We checked out the 190202 slab avalanche at the north end of Cowboy reported last wèekend. Size 2.0 soft slab, crown 65-25cm, 30m across, depositing on a terrain trap below up to 1.5m deep. Start zone 37-40 degrees and windloaded, failed under skier on temperature crust.
Skied mostly steep trees and open forest from treeline down today. Excellent conditions and good stability.

From Avalanche Canada MIN Reports:

Musical Bumps: Feb 7, 2019

Western Duffey: Feb 7, 2019


An avalanche has killed a snowmobiler on Circleville Mountain: Utah

Update on avalanches in Northern India-12 Dead: Kashmir

Two Solitude Patrollers caught in inbounds avalanche: Utah

Skiers triggered two avalanches last month: Lake Placid, N.Y.

Guilt: Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal

A snow event in two acts: Cliff Mass Weather Blog

Arctic Outflow Warning: Whistler

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