23 May 2019

May 23, 2019


    Sunrise Wednesday morning 05:17 Hrs.  + 4.4 with a NNE wind 0-5 KPH.

    06:00 Hrs, +4.8 with a NE wind 5-15 KPH.

    08:00 Hrs, +6.7 with a NE wind 5-10 KPH.

    10:00 Hrs, + 7.8 with a N wind 5-10 KPH.

    Cumulus developed quickly.

   12:00 Hrs, + 9.3 with a WNW wind 5-15 KPH.

   13:00 Hrs.

    14:00 Hrs, +11.2 with a SE wind 0-10 KPH.

    16:00 Hrs, + 9.5 with a SW wind 5-10 KPH.

   18:00 Hrs, + 9.7 with a SW wind 5-10 KPH.

    20:00 Hrs, ? temp with a SW wind 0-5 KPH.

Weather Observations for May 23, 2019, 2019 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2180 meters    +5, Winds were 5-10 KPH N--Whistler Peak
1835 meters    +6, Winds were   0-5 KPH S--Round House
1650 meters    +5, 0 mm of new, 0 mm in 24 hrs, Base 125 cm--Pig Alley
  660 meters    +6, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was +24.7, trace of precip recorded yest

    As of 07:00 Hrs we have clear skies and unlimited visibility.


Mostly sunny this am with increasing cloud in the afternoon in a Northerly flow aloft. Chance of some showers this afternoon with cloud buildup and the FL will hover in the 3000 meter range. An upper low will bring periods of light rain for Friday and another will bring periods of rain for Saturday as well. Ridge tries to rebound for Sunday with unsettled weather. More on next week as we get closer. Looking dry and mostly sunny but still too early to be sure. Guesstimates: 1-3 mm by Friday at 06:00 Hrs, 2-5 mm by Saturday morning, 4-8 mm by Sunday morning.

    GOES IR image from this am.

    Unsettled today with a low moving down in Central B.C. and another in Washington State.

    Fronts along the coast.

    High off the coast, low moving down from the North & a low to the South. Wet Friday.

    Low will bring rain for Saturday.

    High pressure with a low just to our South. Looks unsettled.

    Locally, sz 1 wet loose with Sc. Some Sz 2.5 Nr in the backcoutry.

    High broken cloud dissipated quickly Wednesday morning.

    Lots of cat work.

   Forming by 10:00 Hrs to the Southwest.

    Cumulus clouds moved in Wednesday afternoon.

   Rain shower in the valley at 18:00 Hrs.

   Big picture on Thursday.


Snowboarder rescued after avalanche outside Araphoe Basin: Colorado

Avalanches, lightning kill similar numbers: Wyoming

A 3rd landslide could happen at any time on Joffre Peak: CBC News

Provincial Agency says flood risk low thanks to below average snowpack: Pique

Local fined $3000 dollars for triggering avalanche:  Wyoming

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