21 Jan 2020

January 21, 2020


    Monday January 20, 2020. 12:00 Hrs. -1 Deg C with 10-40 KPH wind WSW. Sunny Breaks!!

     Image taken from the same time line as above image.

    Big picture yesterday.

    Profile ski tuning is where you want your equipment tuned!!

    +1 Deg C in the village Monday Night. 22:00 HRS.

Weather Observations for January 21, 2020 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters      -4, Winds were   65-100 KPH ESE--Horstman Hut
2180 meters      -4, Winds were 100-140 KPH SE--Whistler Peak
1860 meters     - 2, Winds were     10-35 KPH S --Rendevous 
1835 meters      -2, Winds were     30-55 KPH ESE--Round House
1650 meters      -1, 5 cm in 12 Hrs, 13 cm in 24 Hrs, Base 208 cm --Pig Alley
1560 meters      -1, 3 cm in 12 Hrs,   7 cm in 24 Hrs, Base 140 cm--Catskinner
  660 meters     +1, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was +4, 11.4 mm of precip yesterday.

    As of 07:00 hrs this am we have obscured sky, limited visibility and snowing 1 cm per hour.


A cold front has arrived this am in a Southwesterly flow aloft. The freezing level will hover in the 1000-1500 meter range. Should see it drop with the passing of today's cold front. May see some breaks again today as the system weakens. A series of frontal bands will continue to bring periods of light/moderate precipitation over the next week. Freezing levels will continue to fluctuate between 10000-1800 meters during the week. Guesstimates: 18-22 cm by Wednesday morning, 20-30 cm by Thursday morning, 20-30 cm by Friday morning.

    GOES IR image from this am.

    Upper level trough sending a cold front our way today.

    Fronts along the coast.

    More of the same Wednesday, slightly warmer, with a warm front.

    More of the same for Thursday.


    Avalanche control yesterday produced Sz 1-2 Xe Xc.


    High in the valley Monday was +4 Deg C, 11.4 mm recorded yesterday.


    Two tree well deaths in BC, article below. Be careful out there!!!


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Cayoosh: Jan 19, 2020


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