24 Jan 2020

January 24, 2020


    Snowing in the valley early Thursday morning.

    Looks like a skin track but that was a downhill ski track early Thursday morning.

    Better snow conditions later in the day once it got compacted and rained on.

    Thursday January 23, 2020. 12:00 Hrs. 0 Deg C with a 15-35 KPH South wind. Light drizzle.

    As of noon it was 0 Deg C in the valley. -2.1 Deg C at 2240 meters.

    Images from the same time frame.

    Big picture on Thursday.

    Moist looking at the end of the day.

Weather Observations for January 24, 2020 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2240 meters      -4, Winds were 40-55 KPH S--Horstman Hut
2180 meters      -3, Winds were 50-70 KPH SE--Whistler Peak
1860 meters      -2, Winds were 15-25 KPH SE --Rendevous 
1835 meters      -2, Winds were 10-15 KPH SE--Round House
1650 meters       0, 4 cm in 12 Hrs, 10 cm in 24 Hrs, Base 238 cm --Pig Alley
1560 meters       0, 4 cm in 12 Hrs,   8 cm in 24 Hrs, Base 169 cm--Catskinner
  660 meters       0, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was + 1.1, 38.3 mm of precip yesterday.
We have had 30-40 mm of precipitation in the past 24 hrs.

    As of 07:00 hrs this am we have obscured skies, limited visibility and it is snowing 2 cm per hour.


A broad upper trough will bring periods of light/moderate precipitation for today in a Southwest flow aloft transitioning to a Westerly Flow aloft. The freezing level will slowly drop to around 1000 meters by tonight. A weak trough and warm front pushes through Saturday morning with a drying trend for Saturday afternoon. There is even a chance of a sunny break later in the afternoon?. The FL will rise slightly on Saturday and hover in the 1400 meter range. More snow for Sunday.
Guesstimates: 12-18 cm by Saturday morning, 8-12 cm by Sunday morning, 15-25 cm by Monday morning.

    GOES IR Image from this am.

     Broad upper trough with slowly lowering freezing levels, for today.

    Fronts along the coast.

     Slightly warmer Saturday, drier with a chance of some breaks.

     Low in the Gulf of Alaska will send a more vigorous front for Sunday.

     Update on the Avalanche Tragedy in Pakistan & Kashmir. Article below.                        Net Pic

    Limited avalanche control on Whistler Thursday produced Sz 1-2 Xe, Xl. Sz 2 Na observed.

    Limited avalanche control on Blackcomb Thursday produced Sz 1-2 Sc, Xe. Some Na Sz 1-2.


    In the past 7 days we have received 120 cm of snow.

    Cornices continue to grow everywhere!!!

    Tree bombs were a hazard on Thursday.

    That would hurt if it fell on you!!

    New rain wear.

    Yesterday we received 4 cm of new snow by 14:30 Hours at 1570 meters. Base 174 cm.

    Challenging visibility Thursday later in the afternoon.


Rohr Ridge: Jan 22, 2020


Whistler Weather with meteorologist: David Jones

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Update on the avalanches in Kashmir & Pakistan: 130 People Killed

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Nepal ends search for missing South Korean Trekkers, Guides: Kathmandu

Group with Ice Climber killed near Ouray did not have avalanche rescue gear: Colorado

NASA launches in-depth snow study: University of Washington

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