2 Nov 2020

November 2, 2020


     Monday October 26, 2020. 12:00 Hrs. + 4 with a 0-5 KPH ENE Breeze. +2 in the valley.

     Satellite image from the same time frame.

      Tuesday October 27, 2020. 12:00 Hrs. + 2 with a 15-45 KPH Sw wind. +1 in the valley.

     Satellite image from the same timeframe.

      Wednesday October 28, 2020. 12:00 Hrs. +5 with a 25-50 KPH South wind. + 7 in the valley.

      Image from the same timeframe as above.

      Thursday October 29, 2020. 12:00 Hrs. +2 with a 20-40 KPH South wind. +8 in the valley.

      Satellite image from the same timeframe.

      Friday October 30, 2020. 12:00 Hrs. -2 with a 30-60 KPH WSW wind. + 6 in the valley.

      Satellite image from the same timeframe.

      Saturday October 31, 2020. 14:00 Hrs. -2 with a 5-10 KPH variable breeze. +7 in the valley.

      Satellite image from same timeframe.

     Big picture Saturday afternoon.

      Sunday November 1, 2020. 12:00 Hrs. +10 Deg C with a 10-15 KPH SE wind. + 8 in the valley.

      Satellite image from the same timeframe.

Weather Observations for November 2, 2020 taken at 06:00 Hours.

  • 2180 meters     +3,  Winds were 45-60 KPH S--Whistler Peak
  • 1835 meters     +6,  Winds were 15-25 KPH ESE--Round House
  • 1650 meters     +4,  0.0 mm in 12 hrs, 0.0 mm in 24 hrs. --Pig Alley
  •   660 meters.     -1,  Max temp yesterday was +9.5, 0.0 mm recorded yesterday
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     As of 07:00 Hrs this am we have high scattered cloud and unlimited visibility.


Ridge flattens today, shifts east in a Southwest flow aloft. Sunny breaks replaced by a cool, wet, windy front arriving Monday evening with some good moisture values arriving on Tuesday. Unfortunately the first wave will be on the warm side with freezing levels gradually falling to surface by Friday. Should see snow in the upper elevations slowly dropping by Thursday. Another active frontal band for Wednesday with a drying trend into Thursday. High pressure rebuilds Friday into Sunday with colder temperatures. Guesstimates: 10-15 mm by Tuesday 06:00 Hrs, 20-30 mm by Wednesday am, 25-30 mm by Thursday am, 2-5 mm by Friday am, 0 mm for the weekend. 

      GOES IR image from this am.

     High pressure this am, increasing cloud into this evening as deep low moves down the coast.

      Fronts along the coast. Pineapple Express on its way.

      Low pressure in control sending several fronts our way with a warm moist flow.

      Looks like Wednesday may be the wettest windy day.

     More precipitation for Wednesday.

     Unsettled Thursday with a drying trend.

      Unsettled Thursday with a drying trend.

     High returns Friday with cooler temperatures.

      High pressure for Saturday.

    High pressure for Sunday.


      Remotely triggered avalanche, Hatcher Pass Ak. Click here> HPAC  for information. HPAC Pic


     Very green in the Pemberton Valley Monday afternoon.

      Sunrise Tuesday was at 07:55 Hrs. -2 at 2180 meters.

      Wednesday sunrise was at 07:56 Hrs. +4 Deg C.

     Thursday 08:00 Hrs. +2 Deg C. 25-40 KPH South wind.

      Friday 08:00 Hrs. -1 with a 20-45 KPH WNW wind.

     Saturday 07:30 Hrs. -4 with a 0-5 KPH ENE Breeze.

      Making snow Saturday am.

        Sunrise Sunday was at 07:03 Hrs. DST +7 Deg C with a 5-10 KPH North breeze.

     Sunset Sunday at 16:48 Hrs. +9 at 1835 Meters.

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