14 Apr 2021

April 14, 2021


      Bluebird Tuesday, 08:00 Hrs. -2 Deg C at 660 m. -4 at 1650 m.

     As of 08:00 Hrs -8 Deg C at 2180 m.

     As of 10:00 Hrs. +7 Deg C at 660 m.  0 Deg C at 1650 m.

     As of 12:00 Hrs. + 11 at 660 m. + 4 at 1650. 0 Deg C at 1835 m.

      Clean slate, looks so good!!

     14:00 Hrs. + 14 Deg C at 660 m. + 6 at 1650 m. + 2 at 1835 m. -4 at 2180 m.

      Satellite image from ame timeframe as above image.

     16:00 Hrs. + 15 Deg C at 660 m. + 7 at 1650 m.  + 2 at 1835 m. 0 at 2180 m.

      18:00 Hrs. + 14 Deg C at 660 m. + 4 at 1650 m. + 4 at 1835 m. -1 at 2180 m.

      Chainsaw Ridge just before sunset. FL briefly reached 2180 meters yesterday. 

Weather Observations for April 14, 2021 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2180 meters      -3, Winds were 25-35 KPH N--Whistler Peak 
1835 meters      -1, Winds were   5-15 KPH NNE--Round House
1650 meters      -2,  0 cm in 12 Hrs, 0 cm in 24 Hrs, Base 280 cm --Pig Alley
  660 meters      -3, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was +15.2, 0.0 mm of precip yesterday.

       Sunrise this am was at 06:20 Hrs. High thin scattered cloud and unlimited visibility.


Upper level high pressure strengthens in an Easterly Flow aloft. The FL will likely reach the 3000+ meter mark today, falling back down to below surface tonight??. Some clouds moving in from the NE today, but still mostly warm sunny skies. Blocking pattern continues into next week with a few more clouds in the mix. No precipitation expected in the foreseeable future. Some models are calling for precip, but this ridge seems well established. Warming up in the valley as the week progreses.

     GOES image from this am.

       Blocking pattern with a low on both sides of the strengthneing high.

      Easterly flow aloft.

       High shifts more to the East.

       High very much in control for Friday.


     Recent image of hatcher Pass, AK avalanche problem. Road remains closed.

                     An avalanche swept a man over a cliff killng him in Austria. Article below. 

From Sea to Sky Avalanche Advisory:

Avalanche Summary

There have been several size 1-2 natural and human triggered storm and wind slab avalanches reported over the past week. These were mainly on northerly aspects in the alpine and at treeline. There have also been several reports of cornice failures, and small wet loose avalanches.

Looking forward, wet loose avalanches are expected with sun and warm temperatures. The likelihood of cornice failure also increases with warming. Wind slabs may still be possible to trigger at upper elevations. 

Snowpack Summary

A storm late last week brought anywhere from 10-30 cm of new snow. The snow surface is now a crust in most areas, except on north aspects above about 1800 m, where both soft snow and wind slabs may exist. In areas where the surface is a crust, sunshine and rising freezing levels are expected to soften the crust during the day.

Cornices are large and looming along ridgelines. Their release is unpredictable, requiring a large berth if you're travelling above or below them. Forecast rising freezing levels will increase the chances of cornice releases.


     Blue Bird day. FL went to 

      Lower Cruiser has melted away quickly.

      Black Tusk

      Hanging Roll

     Carona, surprised there are no tracks.


Mount Rohr: April 12, 2021

Early Bird gets the turns: April 13, 2021


Wet snow avalanche, March 2015: Switzerland


A person hs been killed in an avalanche incident near Mallnitz: Austria

Three injured in an avalanche on the Mont Blanc Massif: France

The best way to survive an avalanche? Don't get caught!: InsideHook

Head of children's hiking group caught in avalanche freed from detention: Russia

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