27 Sept 2021

September 27, 2021


      Monday September 20, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +4 Deg C at 1835 m. +11 in the valley.

     Tuesday September 21, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +10 Deg C at 1835 m. +16 in the valley.

      Wednesday September 22, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +8 Deg C at 1835 m. +16 in the valley.

      Thursday September 23, 2021. 12:30 Hrs. +6 Deg C at 1835 m. +16 in the valley.

      Friday September 24, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +15 Deg C at 1835 m. +16 in the valley.

      Saturday September 25, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +13 Deg C at 1835 m. + 19 in the valley.

      Sunday September 26, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +3 Deg C at 1835 m. +9 in the valley.

      From the archives, Saturday September 26, 2020, 12:00  Hrs. 

Weather Observations for September 27, 2021 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2180 meters      -1, Winds were 55-90 KPH SE--Whistler Peak  
1835 meters     +1, Winds were 20-60 KPH SE--Round House
1650 meters     +3,  24.1 mm in 12 Hrs, 37.3 mm in 24 Hrs --Pig Alley
  660 meters     +8, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was +13, 17.5 mm of precip yesterday

       As of 07:00 Hrs this am we have overcast skies and variable visibility, snowing lightly in the alpine.


 A cold front will push through this am in a South Westerly flow aloft. The freezing level sits around 2000 m and will slowly drop to around 1600 meters by Monday evening hovering in the 2000-1600 m zone into Thursday.  Snow in the upper elevations!! Precipitation early this am will likely ease to periods of light rainfall for the remainder of the day as a cool upper trough pushes through. Tuesday is looking wet as well with periods of light precipitation, may see a break with the chance of some sun showers in the afternoon with some weak ridging.  Another vigorous front for Wednesday with light to moderate precipitation into early Thursday morning. May see some sun showers in the afternoon on Thursday. Weak ridging is forecasted by some models for Friday with the FL rising, some dry unsettled weather would be welcome by then! As of this morning it could be a mix of sun and cloud for next weekend with a building ridge. Time will tell!! Certainly a cool wet pattern for most of the week.  Guesstimates:  5-10 mm by Tuesday am, 3-8 mm by Wednesday am, 15-30 mm by Thursday am, 2-5 mm by Friday am, 0 mm by Saturday am, 0 mm by Sunday am.

As per Environment Canada Guidelines: Light Rain up to 2.5 mm per hour.

                                                                  Moderate rain 2.6 to 7.5 mm per hour.

                                                                  Heavy rain more than 7.5 mm per hour.

      GOES image from this am.

      Cool upper trough for today with periods of light rain. 

      South Westerly flow aloft.

         Cool temperatures with some weak ridging in the afternoon for Tuesday.

      Another front for Wednesday with light rain. May see periods of moderate/heavy.

             Weak front for Thursday am, possibly unsettled in the afternoon.

      Looking wet Thursday.

      Ridging by Friday.

      Ridge holds for Saturday, but likely some cloud in the mix.

      Ridging Sunday with low to the North, mix of sun and cloud??


      Recent avalanche activity in the Two Thumbs Range, NZ. Sept 22nd.                               Bia Image

      Recent Sz 2 Na Mt Cook area, NZ.                                                                         Neil Sloan Image

      Nice tracks in New Zealand. Near Wanaka                                                             Tom Willmott Pic

      New Zealand Avalanche Advisory


     Noon Monday, quiet day in the park. High of +12.8 Deg C in the valley. 2.2 mm recorded at 660 m.

      Tuesday September 21, 2021. Looking like an awesome day. +2.6 Deg C at 2180 m at 07:30 Hrs.

      Wednesday, Fall Equinox. Rain showers last night. +6 Deg C at 1860 m as of 07:30 Hrs.

     Noon Wednesday, 0.2 mm recorded Tuesday at 660 m. High in the valley was +18.3.

     15:00 Hrs Thursday. 1.3 mm recorded at 660 m Wednesday. High in the valley was +18.

      Friday Sunrise was at 07:01 Hrs. Inversion, +13 Deg C at 1835 m, +6 in the valley.

      Mount Currie Friday pm. High in Pemberton Valley was  +23 Deg C. 

     Saturday 08:30 Hrs. +7 Deg C at 2180 m. Only 11 hrs 53 min of daylight today.

      Sunday 07:30 Hrs, raining lightly. +3 deg C at 1860 m.

      Sunday 12:30 Hrs. 17.5 mm of rain recorded at 660 m, 0:00 Hrs-24:00 Hrs.


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