6 Sept 2021

September 6, 2021

      PAST WEEK:

      Monday August 30, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +9 Deg C at 1835 m.

      Tuesday August 31, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +3 Deg C at 1835 m. +12 Deg C in the valley.

     Wednesday September 1, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +8 Deg C at 1835m. +16 in the valley.

     Thursday September 2, 2021. 12:00 Hrs.  +9 Deg C. at 1835 m. +20 Deg C in the valley.

      Friday September 3, 2021. 12:00 Hrs. +11 Deg C at 1835 m. +18 Deg C in the valley. 

      Saturday September 4, 2021. 12:00 Hrs,  +7 Deg C at 1835 m. +13 Deg C in the valley.

      Sunday September 5, 2021. 16:00 Hrs. +9 Deg C at 1835. + 19 Deg C in the valley.

Weather Observations for September 6, 2021 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2180 meters     +2, Winds were 20-30 KPH S--Whistler Peak 
1835 meters     +5, Winds were 10-25 KPH SSW--Round House
1650 meters     +4, 0.0 mm in 12 Hrs, 0.0 mm in 24 Hrs --Pig Alley
  660 meters     +8, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was +18.7, 0.0 mm of precip yesterday

      07:00 Hrs this am, broken cloud with unlimited visibility.


Weak ridging for today with a mix of sun and cloud in a Westerly flow aloft. The freezing level will rise to around 4000+ m. Ridge strengthens for Tuesday with a mix of sun and cloud. An upper level shortwave trough will arrive for Wednesday with periods of light rain. Thursday will see the same pattern with a chance of some sunny breaks later in the afternoon. Friday will see a weak trough to our North with ridging to our South, likely unsettled with a dry day, but some isolated showers are possible. Saturday could be a similar day depending on how strong the trough pushes South. Sunday will hopefully see the ridge push in from the South with a mix of sun and cloud. Time will tell!!! Guesstimates: 0 mm by Tuesday am, 0 mm by Wednesday am, 2-6 mm by Thursday am, 5-10 mm by Friday am, 0-1 mm by Saturday am, 0-2 mm by Sunday am, 0 mm by Monday am.

      GOES image from this am.

       Significant low to the North West, weak ridging in our area. Unsettled today with more cloud.

     Westerly flow aloft.

      High strengthens slightly with more sun than cloud. Cloudier by days end.

      Low will bring rain for Wednesday.

      More rain for Thursday.

      Ridge from the South will likely bring an unsettled day for Friday.

      Low may send some moisture our way on Saturday. Unsettled.

      Sunday is a long way away, hopefully we get some weak ridging.


      An avalanche has injured 3 climbers on Mount Kazbek, Georgia. Article below.                  Net Pic


      Noon Monday, +16 Deg C in the valley.

     Sunrise was at 06:25 Hrs Tuesday. -1.7 Deg C at 2180 m. 

      Sunrise Wednesday, 06:27 Hrs.  +1 Deg C.

      Dusting on Mt Garibaldi Wednesday. 

      Sunrise Thursday was at 06:28 Hrs. +5 Deg C at 1860 m.

      Sunrise Friday was at 06:30 Hrs. +6 Deg C at 1860 m.

      Sunrise Saturday was 06:31 Hrs. +8 Deg C at 1835 m. 0.4 mm recorded at 1650 m overnight.

     Sunrise Sunday was at 06:33 Hrs. +6 Deg C at 1860 m. 8.0 mm recorded in the valley Saturday.


Avalanche: Khumbu Icefall

Avalanches: Compilation 3


Three Ukrainian alpinists caught in an avalanche in North Ossetia: Georgia

Climate change reaps another victim, Mt Rainier's snowpack: Washington State

Assimilation of citizen science data in snowpack modeling: Community Snow Observations

Blankets help stave off glacier melt on Swiss Ski Pistes: Mount Titlis

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